IBM LTO-2, Ultrium 200/400GB

IBM LTO-2 (08L9870) Native 200GB / Compressed 400GB(2:1 compression. IBM LTO2 has the Cartridge Memory (LTO-CM) chip, which enables the IBM Ultrium 2 tape drive to read and write to the data cartridge by using a radio frequency transmission.


Native 200GB / Compressed 400GB (2:1 compression)

  • Provides capacity, performance and reliability for midrange and network tape automated storage environments
  • Contains half-inch metal particle tape; cartridges feature a native data capacity of 200GB and a compressed data capacity of 400GB (2:1 compression)
  • Includes a Linear Tape-Open Cartridge Memory (LTO - CM) chip that contains cartridge specific information to communicate with Ultrium tape drives during loading/unloading via a radio frequency component